Adobe cares

Learn how we support our employees’ life journeys and wellbeing—enabling growth, engagement, and peace of mind at home and work.

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Focus on your financial future

Focus on your financial future

Adobe’s holistic view of wellbeing includes financial fitness. We offer:

Global gender pay parity—maintained since 2018

Incentive pay tied to your performance and Adobe’s business performance

Opportunity for refresher stock awards based on performance

Adobe retirement contribution in accordance with the local regulation

Company-paid life and permanent disability insurance with coverage of 3 times your total target compensation

Preferential exchange rates and no transfer fees to settle sales of Adobe shares or send money to family abroad

Business travel accident insurance

Adobe software discount

Be well

At Adobe, wellbeing matters. It’s part of our mindset and culture.

Here’s what Adobe provides to help you stay physically healthy, handle everyday challenges, build resilience, and reduce stress:


Company-paid medical insurance for you and your family

Wellbeing reimbursement

Reimbursement for services and activities that support your—and your family’s—wellbeing: up to ¥4,320 in 2024

Employee assistance program

Free online tools and confidential services for you and your family from highly qualified counselors, life coaches, lawyers, and financial professionals

Healthy habit support

Access to the Thrive Global app to help you build healthy habits for sleep, movement, food, focus, money, and connection—you can invite a family member, too

Guided meditation

A subscription to Headspace for you and a family member to help you manage stress, sleep better, find your focus, boost your creativity, and achieve more balance

Find balance

Adobe encourages you to take the time you need for you.

Time off

15 days of paid annual leave for the first 3 years, then increasing by 1 day each year up to 22 days; 6 global wellbeing days

Flexible work

In our hybrid workplace, you have flexibility to work from the office and from home. We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we empower teams to figure out the working cadences that are best for them.

Build and care for family

Build and care for family

Family matters here. Whether you’re growing your family, raising kids, caring for parents, or just trying to get the most out of life, Adobe offers support. Here are a few ways:

26 weeks of paid maternity leave and 16 weeks of paid paternity leave

US$25,000 adoption reimbursement

Keep growing

Adobe supports your continued education:

Reimbursement for academic degrees, top credential programs, advanced specializations, and technical certifications: ¥71,760 in 2024

Reimbursement for short-term learning opportunities (e.g., conferences, webinars, and online courses) to support your professional growth and development: ¥7,176 in 2024

On-demand training through LinkedIn Learning and Harvard ManageMentor

Learn by doing: Adobe encourages internal mobility, with one-third of open positions filled by current Adobe employees, and one-in-five employees promoted each year

Give back

Wish you could do more for the causes close to your heart? At Adobe, you can. When you give your time and money, we send a matching donation, up to US$10,000 per year. When you want to help your local community, we provide funds and opportunities. You can even use your Adobe software discount for charitable gifts.


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